By and large... Montana.
My kids and the places we explore.
Water, canoes, rafting, camping, woods, hunting and fishing.

All Images are by me.
Most are works-in-progress... first drafts. This is a sort of cross-section of my life. A collection of artwork and snapshot from the day-to-day activity.

Answers to frequently asked questions:

I do like apples and making hard cider out of them.
I am distantly related to John Chapman.
I like Scottish music... like Mogwai.

Thanks for stopping by....

3rd July 2013

Photo with 40 notes

canoe camping along the missouri in montana

canoe camping along the missouri in montana

Tagged: MontanaBlack and Whitelandscapemissouri rivercanoe campingChris Chapman photographycottonwood treesblmMissouri Breaks Nat. Monument


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